JW's California Lotto Generator

This page provides quick picks for the following California Lotto games:

  1. California Super Lotto - 6/51
  2. California Fantansy 5 - 5/39
  3. California Daily 3 - 1/10 for three set of ten numbers from 0-9, and
  4. California DECC0 - one card from each suit.

This FREE California Lotto Number page was created by Johnathan Wong of DTP Express. All these numbers are randomly chosen and are for entertainment value only. The author, Johnathan Wong, and/or DTP Express cannot guarantee any winnings nor be responsible for any losses due to our lotto number generator programs. If you do not agree with this statement, please do not use our lotto number generator programs.

We will not be asking for any percentage of your fortunes if you DO win by using our lotto number generators, but we would appreciate a link from your page to our page, as shown below:

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Good luck to you all!

California Super Lotto California Fantasy 5 California Daily 3 California DECCO

All of these lotto pages are NOT affiliated in ANY way with the official California Lottery site. For daily results and instructions on how to play each of the Lotto games, visit the California Lottery Site.

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